Mango Plant Disease Detection

November 2020


I have a Mango Farm of over 200 Trees, these are prone to diseases like powdery mildew, anthracnose, die back, blight, red rust, sooty mould, etc. and once it gets affected to one plant it keeps spreading. To avoid this I have created a Machine Learning Model to detect if plant is unhealthy or not using images of leaves . The inference of this model is Optimised by OpenVino and gaining Inference Speed over 72 times than Normal version.



We present to our client with the following suggestions:

  • Farmers can easily find out if their plants are affected or not.
  • By using OpenVino the Inference becomes much fast (0.005 Seconds per Image) so it doesn’t take much amount of time.
  • It can be easily integrated to Embedded Devices using Intel Compute Stick and Drones.
  • Due to this it will take less amount of pesticides as we know which plants are infected.