August 2020


In today’s world, the computer field is proliferating in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Blockchain, Web Development, Software Development, etc. But to succeed in these domains, everyone has to have basic knowledge of coding and the various languages required to build their skillset, and an immense amount of practice is needed. So here we are, coming up with a platform Coding-kid that will help users develop their coding skills by practicing different types of coding statements and improving their skills like algorithms, data structures, etc. And get hired in renowned companies or set up their own.

The idea behind this project is to enhance my problem-solving ability. The main features of this project are as follows:

  • To make an Online Code Judge System that will allow users to code Online and get results immediately.
  • To provide Interview and Practice Coding Questions to Ace Algorithm and Data Structures Skills.
  • To provide a simple platform so that children can also participate and get knowledge of programming hence called Coding-Kid.
  • There will also be Weekly Contests on our Platform so that users can get insight into how actual Coding Interview Rounds work.

Project Page